Chris Piuma

Word garbler

Chris Piuma is a poet. His books include Bell-lloc (airfoil, 2011) and Cotton Nero A.x (eth, 2014). He occasionally publishes five-word poems on Twitter. He was a co-founder of the Spare Room poetry reading series in Portland, Oregon. He is also an editor and publisher: formerly, of the early online literary journal flim (1996–2005); currently, of the medieval-meets-postmodern publisher eth press.

As of 2015, he is one of the co-directors of punctum books. He spends a lot of time developing and designing books.

He is also a PhD candidate in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, where he is finishing up a dissertation on weird types of reading and writing that emerge from the multilingual Crown of Aragon. He has given a few talks and published a few papers, including one on Oulipo, lists, and death and some manifestos for a less monoglot, less monotone Middle Ages. He’s a member of the BABEL Working Group and one of the co-founders of the Grammar Rabble. More details can be found on his cv.

He has also done a few translations, both for hire (from Latin and medieval Catalan/Occitan/French) and for literary projects, none of which are easy to point to online.

Before grad school, he had a band called the Minor Thirds, who still occasionally get together to bash out a few songs.

Contact him through Twitter (@wordgarbler) or at chrispiuma [at-sign] gmail [.] com.


Background image: Joan de Castellnou, “Compendi de la coneixença dels vicis que poden esdevenir en els dictats del Gay Saber”, Barcelona, Biblioteca de la Universitat de Barcelona, ms. 150